Value determination of diamonds and precious stones

When determining the quality of diamonds, we use the so-called 4-C in accordance with International practice. The 4-C stands for the initial letters of the main characteristics: Clarity, Carat, Cut, Color 

Besides the main characteristics of diamonds, we also examine the fluorescence. For the identification of the stone, it is important to determine the measurement with (+ -) 0,01 mm accuracy. For the first time in Hungary, the results will be written down in a certificate by György Rabotka judicial jewelry and precious stone expert. The certificate contains only the measured data and the quality, it has nothing to do with value.The value can be determined in an expertise based on the time and place, the main characteristics of the precious metal, the value on the world trade, the Hungarian supply and demand, and the custom and tax law. If needed, the expertise can also contain the origin of the precious stone, the age of the cut, possible past restorations and other special details.

The valuation of precious stones starts with determination. During instrumental examination, the natural stones are separated from synthetic or artificial products by measuring other physical characteristics besides the main optical features of the stones. The quality determination of natural or real precious stones is made with objective measurements and subjective, visual technique of experienced professionals.

Main quality characteristics:

  • Cut – proportion and polish
  • Color – tone and coverage
  • Clarity – proportion of possible inclusions and inclusion-free parts

Necessary details for identification:

  • Name of the precious stone
  • Mineralogical classing
  • Form of cut
  • Dimensions
  • Mass
  • Color – main and secondary color
  • Clarity – shape and place of inclusions or other flaws