In our jewelry shop, you have the opportunity to choose precious stones according to your own taste and financial circumstances. The decision is easy if you let your feelings choose.

But we should always choose a quality stone, if possible. In Eastern cultures it has always been believed that the best and the rarest stones are magical. They made different amulets and talismans from the found and later cut stones. The magnetism of precious stones is still perceptible: we have a certain feeling seeing a beautiful jewelry with precious stones. A precious stone is a valuable gift in itself, but it becomes accessories for everyday or special costumes as part of a jewelry. The uniqueness of quality sets made of precious stones from all over the world makes them part of our life. It feels good wearing them, and we feel naked without them.


We have a great routine in making jewelry for special occasions, therefore there is an opportunity to design necklaces and accessories that suit them according to evening dresses and to the figure and taste of the lady wearing them.